Health & Safety at Moles Acre

Hazardous substances

There are standard cleaning products available in the bathrooms, under the kitchen sink and in the cupboard opposite the front door. If necessary please remove and put in one of the high cupboards.


There are no open ponds or streams on the property.

There is a fully covered septic tank at the bottom of the garden near the footpath. There is also a closed sump for rainwater with a small opening (covered) near the garage door in the courtyard.

All water is drawn from the mails supply and goes through a water softener (except for the cold water tap in the kitchen).

We understand that legionnaires disease is more likely if the water is standing. We have a run of about 250m from the mains to the house. We therefore run the water for approximately 5 minutes if the house has been unoccupied for a period of more than 5 days. In the rest of the house there is little or no legionnaires risk as there is no air conditioning or cooling towers, just a standard pressurised hot water system without a roof tank.

Upholstered furniture

All furniture provided is compliant with the fire and furnishings safety act.


The property is fire safety tested every five years.


All appliances including the boiler are serviced once a year and we hold a current gas safety certificate.

Slips and Trips

Where possible all loose mats on hard surfaces have been laid with an anti slip under-mat.

Good lighting that comes on automatically has been provided at the front entrance and outside lighting by switches at the other entrances. The staircase has a well fitted carpet and a sturdy handrail.

In an emergency, please dial 999.