Fire Risk Assessment

Sources of ignition

There is a gas hob in the kitchen which has spark ignition. There are no other sources of open flame in the house.

Electrical wiring and appliances

All wiring and appliances were checked and passed by a qualified electrician in February 2019. This includes checking the fuse box and circuit breakers.


There are instructions for the use of both electric ovens and the microwave. The gas hob has self ignition.

There are no facilities for deep fat frying.


There is a no smoking policy throughout the house. A sand bucket is available by the front door to put used butts in.


There are no candles in the house, nor are any allowed to be brought in.

Open Fire

There is no open fire in the property.


There is no fuel present at he property except petrol for the mower which is kept in the locked garage.

Property Structure

The ground floor is concrete covered in vinyl and rugs. The walls are brick covered with plasterboard. The first floor is wooden and the exterior walls are wooden frame with glass-fibre insulation, cedar tile hung on the outside.

Furniture and Furnishings

All furniture and furnishings that need to comply with the regulations for rental accommodation do so.

Domestic waste

The main kitchen bin is made of plastic and stands in a corner of the kitchen. All the other rooms have non-combustible waste paper bins. The guests are instructed to sort their rubbish and to transfer it to the dustbin as and when necessary.

The Barbecue

The barbecue is on the terrace away from the house and guests have to bring their own charcoal. The barbecue has a lid, which can be used to extinguish a fire.

Means of Escape

All bedrooms have windows with fire hinges on them. The house has four bedrooms on the first floor and one on the ground floor.

There are four exit doors from the property, the front and back doors, the downstairs bedroom and the conservatory doors.

Fire alarm

There is one heat alarm in the kitchen and one smoke alarm at the top of the stairs. They are linked and have mains and battery power.

Fire fighting equipment

there is a small extinguisher in the kitchen and a fire blanket. There is a large extinguisher on the wall at the bottom of the stairs. These are serviced annually by TAS Valley Fire.

Escape lighting

There is a wind up torch in the kitchen and a mains/battery powered one in the socket at the top of the stairs.

Evacuation procedure

Guests on the ground floor can leave by any of the doors to the outside. Guests upstairs can reach the front door by descending the stairs if possible. If it is not possible the bedroom doors can be closed and guests can escape from all the bedrooms via the window.

All rooms have fire hinges on the windows and they are big enough for an adult to get through. 

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